About Portico Group

Portico Singapore is a boutique home-grown F&B group. Our corporate philosophy is that of creating dining concepts that give customers comfort dining pleasures paired with good service and good ambience. Portico Singapore currently has 3 concepts under its wings – Portico Prime, Portico Alexandra & Portico Platos.

Our Vision

We believe in hosting our guests like how we would in our own homes
We believe in constantly changing and improving the Portico Menus to give diners the gastronomic experience
We believe in hosting events that leave both clients and guests a memorable impression

Our Team


“To be a good cook, you have to have lots of LOVE for food, lots of  love for hard work, lots of love to create. Have a great discipline and believe in the meaning of team work. There is no easy way out in cooking.”


“There is endless room for self-development and creativity. It brings out the best of us. We use the freshest ingredients and proper techniques to bring out the best of our food, its has to be Hojiak.”


“You don’t have to be a chef or even a particularly good cook to experience proper kitchen alchemy: the moment when ingredients combine to form something more delectable than the sum of their parts. Fancy ingredients or recipes not required; simple, made-up things are usually even better.”


The young and dynamic Portico team have stepped admirably up to the challenge of bringing their own influences to the Portico menu. Their focus is upon reinventing classic homely dishes with a touch of finesse. The team at Portico work towards a simple ethic: They prepare and serve food that they would enjoy serving guests in their own home. This is never more evident than in the simple way that dishes are presented. It’s this ethos that has won them awards like Chope’s Diner’s Choice Awards New Restaurant of the Year 2014 and OpenRice’s Top Ten Best New Restaurants of 2014.


A menu replete with a full selection of foods, from hearty snacks, healthy soups and salads, and filling sandwiches, through to generous main courses, followed by tempting desserts. All of these options are served in Portico’s simple, homely style. Simple presentation does not mean simple tastes though. A lot of thought is focused towards flavours, textures and presentation without neglecting the soul and essence of the dish.

The Portico menu has been imagineered to provide hearty food using fresh seasonal ingredients – where possible these ingredients are sourced locally or are taken from our own edible garden. We consider ourselves Singavores or Singapore “locavores”, a movement that focuses on sourcing and eating food locally. For example, we work very closely with Tiberias Harvest, which offers fish delivered within hours from its sea farm, located off the north-eastern coast of Pulau Ubin. They emphasise using the right techniques in their harvest and post-harvest process, to ensure the quality of each order.

Bespoke Eventsfor Every Need & Want

We believe that every event should be special and unique, reflecting not only the homeliness of the restaurant, but the character of the host. This is why we don’t do repeat menus or event styles, because every party or celebration hosted at Portico is fully customised and bespoke to the host’s needs and wants.

Portico’s modular space can be tailored to accommodate individual needs and provide each and every guest with an unforgettable highly personalised experience. Our team can custom design specific experiences for special events from bespoke dishes to stylised table settings – the kind of moments that guests will talking about long after the event has ended.